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    Descombles, the engineer, went before dawn to reconnoitre the fort, with several other officers and a party of Indians. While he was thus employed, one of these savages, hungry for scalps, took him in the gloom for an Englishman, and shot him dead. Captain Pouchot, of the battalion of Barn, replaced him; and the attack was pushed vigorously. The Canadians and Indians, swarming through the forest, fired all day on the fort under cover of the trees. The second division 410FORT DUQUESNE.La sempre maggiore consapevolezza dell'importanza della prevenzione, della cura della salute e del benessere, l'aumento dell'aspettativa di vita, le lunghe liste di attesa per effettuare un esame o un intervento, i notevoli costi se si accede nelle strutture private o in quelle pubbliche in regime di libera professione, rendono davvero indispensabile una copertura sanitaria integrativa.

    Quella offerta da CAMPA la scelta migliore perch le Mutue sono Enti del Terzo Settore senza scopo di lucro che perseguono finalit di interesse generale, esclusivamente assistenziale, sulla base del principio di sussidiariet e realizzano una vera integrazione al welfare migliorando la qualit del nostro vivere.

    CAMPA non una assicurazione, ma una Mutua basata sulla solidariet e sulla reciprocit grazie alle quali offre protezione ed assistenza sanitaria ai propri associati, tutela in caso di malattia, garantisce le spese della salute e della prevenzione e accompagna per tutta la vita.



    1. Convocazione Assemblea CAMPA 4 luglio 2021

      The day broke in clouds and threatening rain. Wolfe's battalions were drawn up along the crest of the heights. No enemy was in sight, though a body of Canadians had sallied from the town and moved along the strand towards the landing-place, whence they were quickly driven back. He had achieved the most critical part of his enterprise; yet the success that he coveted placed him in imminent danger. On one side was the garrison of Quebec and the army of Beauport, and Bougainville was on the other. Wolfe's alternative was 289He hesitated whether he should not fall back to Crown Point. The engineer, Lotbinire, opposed the plan, as did also Le Mercier. [606] It was but a choice of difficulties, and he stayed at Ticonderoga. His troops were disposed as they had been in the summer before; one battalion, that of Berry, being left near the fort, while the main body, under Montcalm himself, was encamped by the saw-mill at the Falls, and the rest, under Bourlamaque, occupied the head of the portage, with a small advanced force at the landing-place 88Si avvicina lAssemblea dei Soci che si terr domenica 4 luglio 2021 dalle ore 10:00

    2. Nuovo Presidente Consorzio MUSA

      As she was letting down the bars that admitted her to the road, a squad of men straggled by, searchers homeward bound. Pen hung back to let them pass. The business was in the nature of a lark to them; young men relieved for the time being from the tedium of their usual lives, they were talking loud, laughing, jostling each other in the road. They stared at Pen as unabashed as animals, and Pen busied herself with the bars. Nevertheless she was aware that one of them did not stare at her. She looked at him, and was struck first, by his curiously self-conscious air. She looked afresh, rubbed her eyes so to speak, and her heart stood still.Massimo Piermattei stato nominato nuovo Presidente del Consorzio MuSa

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      "Trusting's not what I'm good at, sister," said Blanche with a vigorous gesture. "You give me some line on your game first. Who the Hell are you?"Bologna, Casalecchio di Reno e San Lazzaro

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      The garrison were already disheartened. Colonel Mercer, the soul of the defence, had just been cut in 413V1 to cope at once with attack from without and insurrection from within.MENS-A 2021

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      "I could find another way of raising the money."Broome's Point proper is a crescent-shaped spit of sand separating the mouth of the Pocomico River from the waters of Chesapeake Bay. The end of the spit is decorated with one of those odd structures that our lighthouse service is so partial to, an octagonal house mounted on spreading, spindly piles, the whole looking uncommonly like a spider. The Broome estate comprises all the high ground back of the spit for upwards of four miles up the bay shore and a mile along the river. The mansion stands proudly on a bold bluff overlooking the river mouth. It is one of those square packing-boxes with a "cupalow" so popular with the builders of the sixties. It has never been painted since the first time and its once white face is streaked with rust from the gutters like the marks left by tears on dirty cheeks. One of the snuggest anchorages on the coast is under the bank upon which it stands. The river mouth itself forms a great basin three miles across in which all the navies of the world might ride. One shore of it is as wild and deserted as the other. A mile or so up the river lies Absolom's Island with its oystering village, connected with the hinterland by a causeway.Chiusura Uffici



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